Senseye Predictive Maintenance 4.0


Senseye Predictive Maintenance 4.0

Product description

Senseye PdM is an industrial operations software tool designed to be used by maintenance teams. By using proprietary machine-learning algorithms to automatically forecast machine failure and remaining useful life, it achieves a typical ROI of less than 3 months, halves unplanned downtime and increases maintenance efficiency, cutting operational costs dramatically.  Senseye offers advanced Predictive Maintenance insights in an easily understandable manner. 

Key benefits can be seen below:
  • 40% Lower maintenance costs
  • 55% Increased maintenance product
  • 50% Reduction in downtime
  • 85% Increase in downtime forecasting accuracy

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  • Additional Info: No hardware needed
  • Brand: Senseye
  • Part Number: PdM

Available Brands

Product Benefits

  • Reduce the need for manual inspections
  • Reduce spares inventory
  • Detect abnormalities and understand the remaining useful life cycle of your machines
  • Operate a succesful predictive maintenance program