Tools Data Manager


Tools Data Manager

Product description

Tools Data Manager (TDM) is an advanced data collection and analytical system enabling enhanced quality validation, behavioral deviation monitors and alerts, automatic quality and statistical sampling strategies, and real time visualization package that includes interactive activity dashboards and a comprehensive viewing/reporting tool.

TDM simplifies and centralizes the collection and management of all manufacturing process, quality and test data for archiving, viewing, trending, analyzing, alerting and mobilizing.

TDM features a comprehensive torque preformance module designed to collect data from all makes/models with advanced scientific analysis to reveal undetected failures.  

TDM deploys quickly with seamless integration into existing processes and substantial user configurability that is easy to use.


    Available Brands

    • Desoutter
    • Estic
    • Catalyst
    • iGear

    Product Benefits

    • Cost Effective Error Proofing
    • Easy Programming
    • Flexibility and Control